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Frank Barter is a Rock n Roll Singer/Songwriter who takes you on trips through wheatfield's, the backroads of America, and big city back alleys. At the same time, he takes you on a journey through patches of heartache, loneliness, great joy and celebration. Mostly though, his music has soul. A soul that meets you half way with your soul and what is revealed is how Frank's music can take you anywhere you want to go, with a trip back to where you are from and give you some hope for what's up ahead.

Quotes about Frank

Frank writes songs as wide open as an Eastern Oregon sunset, and burning in the middle” - Charles R. Cross, Best selling music author "Heavier Than Heaven" the definitive Kurt Cobain biography

— The Seattle Times

Tumbleweeds Blog

Tumbleweeds #2  


While the sun rises in town 

Against the fields of brown 

The mystery of the soul 

Keeps the heart from growing old 


Shadows still creep along 

Casting a ghostly song 

Dogs still have to bark 

Flowers still grow in the park 


Streetlights still keep time 

The breeze still pushes it's rhyme 

The grass still needs to grow 

The river still needs to flow 


There's danger on the streets 

There's danger in the backseat 

There's danger in the alley ways 

There's danger in what use to be 


The colony are inside 

The lonely have company 

Those who cry, cry louder  

Those who fear, fear harder 


Tumbleweeds dance along 

The avenues light 

While the people watch 

And count how many have died 


Tumbleweeds dance along  

The empty sidewalks plight 

While the people watch 

And count them as they go by 


When will they come out and play? 

It's too hard to say 

Will they dance on the same familiar place? 

Or will the Tumbleweeds take their stage? 



Tumbleweeds come tumbling down 

Tumbling along the ground 

Tumbleweeds come tumbling down 

Tumbling without a sound 

Words by Frank Barter 

© 2020 Frank Barter Music Publishing

Tumbleweeds #1 


Hi Everyone, 

One of the things I wanted to create in captivity here was a blog that I could use to keep everyone up to date on what I'm doing musically and use it to discuss the creative process, my inspirations, and other topics. I promise it won't be me writing to show how smart (hard) or dumb (easy) I may be about a particular topic outside of music unless that topic is essentially connected to something I have written. Or you ask me.

Example: One of the songs I discuss today "White Picket Fence" has some political observations. So I'll discuss why I wrote a song about a white picket fence. Got it? I'll try and keep it interesting and full of candy. OK, lets go!  

We find ourselves at the tail end of this extremely challenging year. Covid of course and how it has changed everybody's life. Even those who think it is a hoax. (They're insane..sorry)  Here in California we've been burning so much that we had to evacuate for 2 weeks in August and hope the fire would spare us and stay 4 miles away. It did . Thanks to all the firefighters. For many of you, I'm sure you have stories that are heartwarming, inspiring, or even heartbreaking. I'd love for you to share them if you can in the comments section. Now onto the music news!! 

I'm finishing up two new tracks that will be released in January on Valley Entertainment the superb New York City label that has been distributing my music for the past 3 years. 

The first track is called "White Picket Fence" and it speaks to the iconic image that has been a metaphor for "The American Dream". I've been considering all the forces out there that are now part of the American experience. Racial injustice, a pandemic, the blatant lies from those who are supposed to be our leaders. I mean, lies! And of course the state of the nation being a very divided place to live. One of the chorus's reads... 

 "And the people have now found out   

That the truth has begun to die  

And the ground they've been building on  

Will now crumble in the lies    

And they'll cry"

Isn't it very difficult to have a strong foundation for true happiness if that foundation sits on a shakey ground of lies. It's true in so many aspects of life. Right? Love, friendship, work, authority.  

It's definitely my most 'angry' song because I think there is a lot of lost hope and there is a lot of anger out there right now. But I was going to rewrite the last verse and even go in and redo the vocal to reflect the results of the Biden victory and how that brings hope to so many. I thought, "this was obviously written before the election, and I'm not a Trump supporter. It contains all the anger and fear and disbelief we were all feeling pre-election. Will my audience want to hear all of this post-election?" Neither side may not want to hear about it anymore. I went around and around with it until I realized that the full effect of the song would have been just more "static" leading up to the voting. AND, these problems and feelings still are raw for many people. It's a moment in time. But the world is still going to be a dangerous place, no matter.  So there you have "White Picket Fence". I will of course be sending you to your favorite streaming media outlets upon its release. Oh, and one more thing. Valley Entertainment has agreed to produce a video to support the release. Those details are getting worked out soon. So there is that to look forward to!! 

"Tuesday Was Her Name" is a much different song. Simply put, it is a journey through a love story. The melody and music was written by my good friend and guitar player for my band. Stephen Pavlik (Steph). A very talented songwriter. It's a familiar theme right? Of course, but I think it is different in a sense that it's the story of love at first sight actually lasting a lifetime. Now the few people who have heard the acoustic version we've been doing live have asked, "Has Tuesday died?" That question really made me think about it. I think the best part of music is how personal it is. Listeners are attracted to the emotional connection they have with the music. Example: Someone has a bad day at the office and all they want to do is crank their stereo (people still do that right? I do!) with something that is loud and rocking to drain the a-hole bosses voice out of their DNA. Or they are hopelessly in love and they want to listen to Enya while they stare into the eyes of their beautiful lover who has saved them from their boring life. So to answer the question, has she died? I'd say, I never thought about it while writing the lyrics. What did happen though is kind of an amazing tale in itself. Steph played the song for me one time and as I was listening to him strum and hum along, the whole first verse came instantly to me. (Rare. That's what a beautiful melody will do on occasion.) I sat down the next day and wrote the whole thing in 30 mins. Some songs I'm still trying to finish that I started 25 years ago. So the emotional connection I had immediately to that melody Steph wrote, was powerful stuff. I hope you feel the same. 

I promise to keep you up to date on all things “Frank Musical” as we near the new year, new releases, and the end of this nightmare. Hey 2020 make sure the door hits you in the head as you leave. C’MON!"