Tumbleweeds #2


While the sun rises in town 

Against the fields of brown 

The mystery of the soul 

Keeps the heart from growing old 


Shadows still creep along 

Casting a ghostly song 

Dogs still have to bark 

Flowers still grow in the park 


Streetlights still keep time 

The breeze still pushes it's rhyme 

The grass still needs to grow 

The river still needs to flow 


There's danger on the streets 

There's danger in the backseat 

There's danger in the alley ways 

There's danger in what use to be 


The colony are inside 

The lonely have company 

Those who cry, cry louder  

Those who fear, fear harder 


Tumbleweeds dance along 

The avenues light 

While the people watch 

And count how many have died 


Tumbleweeds dance along  

The empty sidewalks plight 

While the people watch 

And count them as they go by 


When will they come out and play? 

It's too hard to say 

Will they dance on the same familiar place? 

Or will the Tumbleweeds take their stage? 



Tumbleweeds come tumbling down 

Tumbling along the ground 

Tumbleweeds come tumbling down 

Tumbling without a sound 

Words by Frank Barter 

© 2020 Frank Barter Music Publishing

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