The Original "Wheatfields" 

Step Back in time and listen to the very first track Frank ever recorded. The place is The Music Source in Seattle. A vintage recording studio and one that helped place Nirvana into music history.

On this day, Frank Barter is making his move. Frank isn't just sentimental about this track today. "I've recorded Wheatfields three different times as my career has moved along. I still think this is the best version ever. Brett Bowen's bouncing rthymic bassline is the backbone, Roger Swanson's drum's have a sound that are perfect for the tone of what we were trying to do. And that guitar. That's a very old Gibson Les Paul copy made by a company called 'Memphis'. Every time we were trying to get a certain guitar sound, inevitably someone would ask, 'Have you tried the Memphis?' I loved that guitar.

It found its way onto Frank's first album release, "Stone Highways" as the lead track.

Recorded by Brad Purkey


  1. Wheatfields

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  • Dan Laterowicz

    Dan Laterowicz NH

    Great version! Love it!

    Great version! Love it!

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