Frank's going into the Studio!!!

Fans have been wondering when Frank was going to get off the road and into the studio to record the new music they heard he has been writing. GREAT NEWS! He will be recording new music throughout December and into 2020 and should be released on the Valley Entertainment label later this winter.  The new compositions co-written with guitarist songwriter Stephen Pavlik are called "Endless Storm", "Tuesday Was Her Name" and "White Picket Fence".

Frank will be joined by members of his road band, Fred Wolford (Drums, Co-Producer), Perry Birch (Bass Guitar), Mark Butler (Keyboard and Piano) and Stephen Pavlik (Acoustic Guitar, Co-Songwriting). And many guest artists.

The first two songs "Endless Storm and "Tuesday Was her Name"  are love songs wrapped in familiar Barter themes...the road, love at first sight, the couple will make it through all the obstacles and learn about life on the way.

"White Picket Fence" is a much different theme. It's Frank taking a shot at the political discord in America. How the middle class and poor are lied too, and the truth is no longer a priority. He describes it this way. "Look, I'm not naive, politicians use to lie to us behind our backs. Now they look you in the eye and tear up the Constitution right in your face. The President says out loud that the House of Representatives doesn't have the right to impeach him, when that right is exactly what the Constitution says the House has...and what is mind numbing people from his party agree with him. So like a lot of people I've had it and I'm going to record my first political song. I've written plenty, but I just think what Steph brought to me was the perfect vehicle. It's going to be something. It could be our Bohemian Rhapsody. I think its that's good!

Frank says about the new music, "I approached Steph to co-write because he played me some melodies he had come up with, and they were great. Much different than what I was working on, and frankly I was looking to get away from the formula I found myself following. You have to grow right? I had been listening to a whole lot of great music at the time, s. Hetill am actually...Beatles, Queen, and great country singer the late Keith Whitley. And the one link these artists have is a great vocalist or vocalists and great songs. And much different than what I had been churning out. So it opened me up to writing differently and co-writing. Think of the Beatles and Queen and you think of John and Paul's voices and Freddie's...right? But they also had very diverse material and all of those guys could sing many different styles. With Keith I was pulling the great vocalist telling his story. Singing traditional country songs, which I love, in this beautiful baritone. Man what a rich tone! So these songs are definitely Frank Barter songs, but they are definitely different from the Ready and Dreamtown and Stone Highways records"


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