No Place Like Home

On Thursday night, August 3rd, in front of a celebratory local crowd including his whole family, at Flynn's Cabaret in Felton, Frank put on a show for the ages. Joined by his band and with special guest artist's Adam Yarme on mandolin, and Stephen (pronounced like Stefan) Pavlik on acoustic guitar, they did an impassioned version of Frank's "Dreamtown". The song is about the search for home and all who were there felt like had finally come home. 

Also, in the crowd that night was the majority of the wonderful nursing team from Dominican Hospital's Infusion Center. The significance of them celebrating Thursday was, this is the squad of professional's that nursed Frank back to health after a recent health diagnosis. During parts of the night, a dry eye was hard to find. Thanks to Annelies Corwin Walbridge for organizing getting everyone there. Nights like this are once in a lifetime. "These are the women I saw once a week when I was at my most scared and vulnerable. Going into treatment I had no idea I was going to meet some of the most inspiring, fun, and loving people I had ever met. If I didn't have them to be around during the treatment, I don't know how I would have gotten by..", Frank said about the nurses.

No place like home.


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