Lockdown and Loading Up songs 

Hi Everyone,

First up, listen to the science and medical professionals and not me, but if you are scared and want to share your fear or feel some sort of solace knowing you aren't alone in all of this, then definitely looking at art or listening to music, or visiting whatever art forms you enjoy, can help. Maybe turn off the Virus news!

Me? I've been enjoying some museum tours and concert documentaries. 

Now some people have asked me to write a song about the Corona Virus. It's kind of an obvious motivating theme these days for the muse, because it's on everyone's mind. But I'm very sensitive to the timing wondering; Is it too soon? I mean we're in the middle of this. And so many people (me) are scared and I so I decided to write about the "Fear" people are feeling, and the unprecedented "Stay at Home" order we here in California have received. 

I also will not profit on anything released on this particular song, all proceeds will be donated to appropriate organizations. The song called "As I Sit Here Tonight" isn't even done yet. I just wanted to be straightforward about that. I absolutely hate it when people exploit the fears of others for their own gain. Now that is a song idea!


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