Lockdown and Loading Up songs 

Hi Everyone,

First up, listen to the science and medical professionals and not me, but if you are scared and want to share your fear or feel some sort of solace knowing you aren't alone in all of this, then…


Corona Virus Announcement

Hi Fans,

I just wanted to briefly inform you that all of my live performances have been postponed to later dates.  I will announce the dates once health officials announce to the public that it is safe to return to…


Frank's going into the Studio!!!

Fans have been wondering when Frank was going to get off the road and into the studio to record the new music they heard he has been writing. GREAT NEWS! He will be recording new music throughout December and into…


The Original "Wheatfields" 

Step Back in time and listen to the very first track Frank ever recorded. The place is The Music Source in Seattle. A vintage recording studio and one that helped place Nirvana into music history.

On this day, Frank…


"Good Times"

In it's August 1, 2018 issue, "Good Times" Arts Magazine featured Frank in a well written account of Frank's musical quest and the challenges he has faced in his musical and personal life. 




No Place Like Home

On Thursday night, August 3rd, in front of a celebratory local crowd including his whole family, at Flynn's Cabaret in Felton, Frank put on a show for the ages. Joined by his band and with special guest artist's Adam Yarme…


The Journey has Begun

Frank and his band launched into the Bay Area with a huge bang. In front of a full house at Armando's in Martinez, they ripped through Barter favorites Graveyard Songs, Wheatfields, Blue Cloud Night and many more. At times the…


The Band and 3 New Bay Area Shows

*  Frank has been rehearsing with his band all spring getting "Ready", ready. The Bay Area lineup is very similar to the lineup he had previously and are featured on the release "Frank Barter: The KPFA Performances" featuring:



Fall Solo Tour

Frank will hit the road SOLO in September to bring his music back to the great Pacific Northwest with stops in....


Medford, OR

Eugene, OR

Salem, OR

Portland, OR

Seattle, WA

Tri Cities,